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Halloween Activities near Cedar Heights – 2021 Edition!

New Year, same ol’ wonderful holiday! Last year we posted some information on things to do for Halloween in the midst of a global pandemic. With most things open and a decent amount of the populace vaccinated, we are pleased to bring a new list to the table! Be aware that there may be restrictions … Continue reading Halloween Activities near Cedar Heights – 2021 Edition!

Work Orders At Highclere

At Highclere Apartments, we strive to make sure our residents are happy and taken care of. That includes tending to work orders! Here are some maintenance tasks you can call in a work order for: We will replace your smoke alarm batteries. If you ever hear your smoke alarm chirping, don’t hesitate to give us … Continue reading Work Orders At Highclere

Tips on Surviving Construction-ageddon

Wow, just wow. Today has made us realize just how crazy things are going to be at Cedar Heights before they get better… Roofing and Gutter replacement is still underway, concrete work is now ongoing and grounds work is still a thing here each time we have a storm or see a heat wave that … Continue reading Tips on Surviving Construction-ageddon

Planting – Apartment Style!

House plants not only add a bit of natural color to your home, but studies also show that house plants reduce stress levels while increasing productivity. Many people would love to have plants in their homes but worry that apartment-living isn’t conducive for thriving plants. However, there are plenty of plants for those in apartments, … Continue reading Planting – Apartment Style!

Life Cycle of a Move-In

The summer months are peak moving times at Robert Hancock & Co! These peak months usually start in April and end in September. It is estimated that more than 80% of moves occur during these months! Since so many people move during the peak season, it can be quite competitive at times to find a … Continue reading Life Cycle of a Move-In