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Move Before Winter Hits

With Nebraska weather, we can never know what to expect in the winter months. We have been lucky so far and not receive has much snow as we did last year around this time. We know that moving in the winter can be a huge hassle that many people like to avoid. However, it seems … Continue reading Move Before Winter Hits

Saving for the Holidays!

Oh, the holidays! It’s a time for giving, joy, and spending time with the ones that you love. Sometimes, the giving part can be a little more difficult that people would suspect. What do you do if your wallet is wearing thin, but you want to get everyone a great gift? We’ve got the answer … Continue reading Saving for the Holidays!

Rent Café online payments!

Tired of writing checks, wasting stamps and envelopes or just the inconvenience of dropping off your rent check at the office? Rent Café will put a stop to all the unnecessary tasks at hand! This service offers online rent and utility payment options, as well as the capability to view your ledger and even put … Continue reading Rent Café online payments!

Snow day preparations!

School aged children anticipate snow days almost as much as Christmas and Hanukkah. While an unexpected day off is more than welcome for children, for their parents, it can pose a problem. Having to rush around for last minute child care or planning a day of activities to keep the kids engaged can be stressful. … Continue reading Snow day preparations!