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Avoid those winter blues!

The weather here in the Midwest has frozen over since the New Year! It can be hard to go out and do the things you love in the frigid temperature and snow. You may start to get bored, and end up in a funk! Rest assured, as I have several great tips to avoid those … Continue reading Avoid those winter blues!

Keep Your New Year Resolutions

“New Year, New Me!” With the new year around the corner, you can guarantee someone you know will be saying this. A gym membership will be bought, new diet plan made, new clothes hanging in the closet as inspiration, hair appointments made, resumes updated, and money going down the drain. One of the hardest things … Continue reading Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Bringing in the New Year with a Special Two Bedroom + Den Apartment!

At Pacific Gardens, we pride ourselves on being different. Name another community that brings you apartments where no two apartments look the same? What about a community that still has retro appliances like colored stoves, ranges, etc.? You want a sliding door for your kitchen? You may be in luck! Double doors to block the … Continue reading Bringing in the New Year with a Special Two Bedroom + Den Apartment!

Hosting a Holiday Party!

So you’re throwing the Christmas party this year. You may feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and like you’re way in over your head. Rest assured, as we have some tips on how to throw a smooth Christmas party! Make a list, and check it twice. Having so much food to make can feel like an impossible … Continue reading Hosting a Holiday Party!