This is a phrase we have all heard or maybe even said ourselves. We all charge into the new year filled with resolutions that we have decided will turn us into this “New Me” , but many if not most of us find our lofty resolutions forgotten by March. Maybe you’re even starting this new year with a repeat resolution that has been forgotten in years before.

The key to keeping your resolution is by not making one. Now hear me out, if you want to create change that is possible but instead of setting an end goal for your resolution create a system to lead to that change instead. This system is going to be the habits you put in place. Creating habits is the way to create change.

If your goal for new year is to read 100 books, but you only read 3 in 2023 and do not have a habit of reading then the only place to start is by creating this habit. Start small, 100 books is daunting, but reading for 15 minutes a day? Doable. Leave your book out where you can see it. This mean when you’re enjoying your post work social media scrolling the book is in sight and you’ll be reminded of your new 15 minute a day habit. If you want to read educational books but find those boring start with books you enjoy. Try reading the book version of a movie that you want to see, and once finished watch the movie as a reward.**

Let’s review, the way to create change is to create habits! The habits should be small, (15 minutes a day), obvious, (the book is in plain sight everyday), attractive ( a book you want to read), and satisfying ( reward yourself when the book is done).  These habit setting tips can be applied to whatever your new years resolution is and who knows maybe next year you’ll start the year looking forward to creating new habits and crushing resolutions.

**Or skip the move because once you turn into a  book lover you’ll know the books are always better. 😉