5 Winter Apartment Living Tips

Now that is is December, the holidays are starting and so is the colder weather. As winter is beginning, making sure you are comfortable in your home is important. Here we have collected 5 must-know winter tips for you before the season hits.


1. Proper Heating

To ensure that you are staying warm, make sure that you are setting your heat properly. Your thermostat should be set no lower than 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember, heat rises, so if you have a lower level apartment, you may need to keep it warmer than a top floor apartment. Make sure that all windows are closed and that your vents are open to let that warm air in. Great alternatives are heating pads or a heated blanket to keep you extra warm this winter.

2. Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

Yes! That’s right you can set your ceiling fans for the winter. Find the switch on the top of your fan and make sure that it is rotating clockwise to circulate warm air.

3. Prevent Frozen Pipes

When the temperature drops below 32 degrees, make sure you drip your faucets. There should be a slow drip, around 1 drop every 5 seconds. In addition, open your cabinets to let the warm air in and warm the pipes.

4. Take Care of Yourself

There are several ways that you can take care of yourself this winter! You can draw a warm bath to warm up on cold nights. Hot tea and honey will help soothe cold symptoms as our bodies adjust to the temperature change. You can also invest in a humidifier. Cold weather results in dry air and our bodies need moisture. Having a humidifier will keep your space warm and care for your body.

5. Contact Maintenance 

If you have have any troubles this winter, you can put a work request in online via Rent Cafe or call/email your leasing office. If it is an after hours emergency, call 402.393.2210 and follow the prompts. Your building will also have an additional traction bucket for resident use. If you are going out of town for more than 7-days this winter, contact your leasing office to perform a vacancy check. Remember to leave your cabinets under the sink open and have your thermostat set at 68 degreed Fahrenheit.