Winter Weather Tips

Although we have not yet celebrated Halloween, winter weather is in our forecast! Winter weather conditions can be scary, but here in the Midwest they are almost certain to be unavoidable. Below are some tips that can help you get through the winter!

  1. Paying attention to the weather forecast is important and essential while living in the Midwest. If snow is predicted, make sure that you leave early for work. If an ice storm is supposed to come through, make sure you wake up extra early to scrape the ice off your windshield and put ice melt on your sidewalks and driveway. At Highclere, our maintenance technician scoops all the sidewalks/entry ways and makes sure that there is ice melt put down. We also have buckets of ice melt at each entry way for our residents to use if they notice an icy spot on their way out of the building!
  2. Check that your furnace is running properly before the cold weather hits. Many of us don’t think about turning on the heat until things start to freeze over. If it is not working properly, it could take days to get it fixed! At Highclere Apartments, our maintenance tech changes the furnace filters in the fall and tests the furnaces to make sure they are up and running for when our tenants decide to turn them on. She also goes through and tests each apartment for carbon monoxide to ensure that our residents are breathing in safe, clean air!
  3. Have an emergency kit in your car. If you happen to get into a predicament where you are stuck in a ditch due to snow or ice, you will want to have supplies so you can keep yourself safe and warm while helps arrives! Make sure to keep gloves, socks, a blanket, food and water, jumper cables, and a flashlight in your emergency kit!
  4. Have someone check on your home if you are out of town. If you plan to go on a vacation during the cold months, having someone check on your home can make a world of a difference! While you are gone, they can make sure that your furnace and thermostat are running appropriately and that there are no leaks or floods due to melting snow and ice. At Highclere, if residents are going to be gone for more than a week we will go in and do a quick walkthrough of the apartment to make sure everything is working correctly to maintain the apartment!

Winter weather can be scary, but taking precautions and being proactive can help you get through it successfully and safely!