Winter Weather Safety Tips

Today, Nebraska got its first round of inclement winter weather! Although the snow can make it feel like we are in a Winter Wonderland, it can also cause many issues. Here are a few ways that you can stay safe while dealing with snow and ice.

  1. Walk like a penguin. The phrase may seem silly, but it can be a lifesaver! Take tiny, careful steps when ice is present in parking lots and on sidewalks. Try to avoid icy patches at all costs. Take your time and be careful!
  2. If you have ice melt, use it! The resident’s at Pinhook Flats have access to ice melt at each building entrance. It is located in a small brown pot inside each doorway. If you see ice, sprinkle some ice melt onto the sidewalk. You’re not only helping yourself to avoid slipping, but you’re also helping the other tenants from getting hurt!
  3. Wear the proper shoes. If you’re job requires you to dress business or business casual, bring your dress shoes with you. Many times dress shoes do not have the proper traction to deal with ice and snow. Wear your snow boots to avoid slipping and potentially hurting yourself. They will also keep your feet warmer on your drive to work!
  4. Avoid sweeping snow onto sidewalks. At Pinhook Flats, we keep our sidewalks clear so our residents can walk on them safely. If you have snow on your car, please avoid sweeping it on the sidewalk! Try pushing it to the sides of your car. Also, park your car so it does not hang over the sidewalk. This makes it easier for our maintenance team to clear the sidewalks. If we work together, we can make traveling in the snow safe and effective!
  5. Use caution when driving. If you often drive in heavy traffic, try to keep a car’s length in between you and the driver in front of you. You never know when you’re going to hit a patch of ice. The distance can save you from having a fender bender, or worse. Also, drive slowly and try to avoid residential streets, as they don’t get cleared as often as main roads do. It may also be good to keep a winter emergency kit in your car. Have things like a blanket, an extra set of gloves and socks, a knit hat, and bottled water. They may save your life if you get into a serious accident and have to wait hours in your car for help.

Snow and ice can be scary, but taking the proper steps to prepare yourself for the weather can help you to avoid accidents. If you use the steps above, you will be on your way to having a safe winter!