When Spring Hits Omaha, New Improvements Hit Pacific Gardens Apartments!

It’s insane to think that at this time last year heaters were off for the season and temperatures were already in the 80s and 90s.  We can’t wait to get to that point again this year.  Mainly because we have a list of improvement projects just waiting for the nice weather to arrive.  First up on our list?  Concrete.  Not only will we be replacing several paved areas around our leasing office, clubhouse and fitness center, but we will also be re-structuring five entry stoops with new brick work, concrete and railings. 

Something else in our sights?  Possible additional parking.  While we have not yet received final confirmation or a scheduled start date, it’s definitely something that we are working towards.

So come on Mother Nature and let the sun shine!  Pacific Gardens wants a spring spruce up!