What’s A Good Neighbor?

A good neighbor is friendly and considerate.  The following are ways to build and maintain positive, long lasting relationships with your neighbors.

We encourage residents to always be thoughtful of those in our community. For instance, if you are hosting a gathering, remember to keep the noise down, manage the number of guests, parking and loitering.

Communication is a very important aspect of being a good apartment neighbor. If something is bothering you, talk to the person. Just remember- be timely, diplomatic, respectful and nice.

Finally, be aware of what you are doing, what others are doing and of the community policies. You need to be aware of how your behavior affects those around you. No one wants to see stuff piled up on a neighbor’s patio, blaring music while at the pool or being rowdy with a bunch of people over. Try to be the kind of person a neighbor can come to for help. Usually, once you have done something to help them out, they will be more likely to help you in return.

Everyone has what it takes to be a good neighbor; we just need to be more cautious about how we act at times. So, look back upon your previous actions and make changes where necessary. Being a good neighbor will make you a hit in your community!