What Goes Into a Roof Replacement?

We are replacing two roofs over the course of the next few weeks and the South Park office has been getting a lot of questions regarding the process! Here is a super simplified version of what goes on during a roof replacement.

There are many benefits to replacing a roof. One of the biggest benefits is the added safety it brings to our residents. Replacing a damaged roof will fix many issues and help save on energy bills. We are always striving to improve our properties and one of the biggest expenses is roof replacement. But, what exactly goes into replacing a roof? Did you know we have to use at least three different vendors to replace the roof? In some circumstances, we must hire an electrician to adjust communication lines on top of the roof so they do not get damaged and are replaced correctly. If the HVAC units (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) are on the roof, we must hire a heating and cooling company to disconnect and move the units to allow the roof to be exposed. Only then can the roof replacement process begin! At South Park, our roof is covered with river rock. All of the rock must be taken off to expose the roof below which is replaced with an EPDM roof. EDPM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane. Once that is done the HVAC units and communication lines are replaced and the process is complete!