Ways to Beat Winter Boredom at These Omaha Apartments

We will admit we are starting to get a little bummed out by all this winter weather. We’ve been cooped up inside for too long and cabin fever is sinking in. Below we’ve put together a little list of activities for all this time you’ll probably be spending at home in the coming weeks.

  • Deep clean your apartment! Don’t waste the nice spring weather on cleaning; do it now during “inside weather”. You can give a little extra TLC to your kitchen and bathroom or completely overhaul your closet. Make some extra room for all the fun summer clothes you will get to wear soon!
  • Online shop! Even if you are looking to save money, you can always “window shop”.
  • Do a home workout. Yoga doesn’t require too much space or special equipment and your neighbors below will appreciate your new quiet hobby!
  • Plan a trip! Give yourself something to look forward to.
  • Binge a TV show or podcast. Check out our recent Facebook post to read what Pacific Gardens residents have been enjoying recently!
  • Catch up on Oscar nominated films prior to the Academy Awards this Sunday (2/24).
  • Do your taxes. Make a budget. Make a grocery list. Meal prep. Tackle some mundane (but very important) tasks while you are stuck at home.

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