Watching the Super Bowl (and ads) at this Omaha Apartment

Well.. many of us spent the evening last night glued to our televisions, watching football, enjoying a halftime show, and waiting for the next exciting advertisement. By most accounts, last night did not disappoint, unless you are a ’49ers fan, and the game’s end was probably not quite what you wanted to see. Overall, though, the game was fantastic, especially with the comeback the Ravens endured. The power outage added to the excitement. Beyonce’ and Destiny’s Child put on a flashy show that was enjoyed by many. But it’s always the ads.. we love our Super Bowl ads. From the GoDaddy nerd kiss, to the stirring Jeep commercial about our Veterans, the ads had it all. Nostalgia abound, with the Budweiser Clydesdales, to Dodge using Paul Harvey’s voice to describe the American farmer, many ads tugged at our soft side. Some ads used humor well, including the Dorito’s commercials with an angry goat, and the dress up daughter. Others were just down right clever.. I definitely enjoyed the car commercial of the son who went solo to prom, only to end up with a smooch and a black eye. And many ladies may have enjoyed Calvin Klein’s ad.. although I have no idea what they were advertising!!

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