Wait, it Snows in Nebraska??

We have been spoiled for the past two winters with less snow than usual.  But yes, it does snow in Nebraska and most of us should be used to it by now.  Instead of panicking, let’s try to embrace it!

1.  At Pacific Gardens, we just purchased two brand new treadmills.  If you don’t want to be cooped up in your apartment tomorrow, feel free to come down and try them out! 

2.  On your way down to the fitness center, stop and make a snow angel or a snow man.  And then post it up on our Facebook page!  We love to see what creative things our residents are doing. 

3.  Check out these interesting facts about the snow!  From the largest snowfall to the largest snow sculpture to slang that skiers use for different snow types.

4.  Tired of snow angels and snowball fights?  Click here for unique snow activities.  If you have kids off on a snow day, this is a perfect way to keep them occupied.  But that doesn’t mean that adults can’t have a little fun too!  🙂

Happy Snow Everyone!