Villa Vinee Offices Getting A New Look

Living at Villa Vinee has just gotten better! As the new year begins, the Villa Vinee office is expecting some major changes coming to the office. We are looking to provide our residents with a better sense of privacy when visiting our office as well as a bigger sense of pride.

While the starting date has yet to be decided, we have slowly started rearranging the offices to accommodate the upcoming construction work. Our residents have already started reaping the benefits as they no longer have to come the office to reload their laundry cards. Many of them have started using the app, PayRange, to pay for laundry. Even though we miss seeing our residents weekly, we’re happy that they are able to do laundry as they please.

We have also started moving furniture around in the office to better ease into the transition of construction. We no longer have a waiting area but that doesn’t mean we are lacking with comfortable seating areas or refreshments. When visiting the office, please feel free to lounge on the couch when talking with us or ask for a fresh cup of coffee. The managers are always happy to share their freshly made coffee (or hot tea) with visitors.

Construction on the leasing offices with be divided into phases. Phase I will be the leasing offices themselves. The assistant manager and manager offices are going to be moved to different parts of the house, with the assistant manager getting the biggest upgrade. They are looking at adding some more windows, making it more inviting while also giving the manager areas for more personal conversations. This part will happen in shifts by working on one part of the leasing office at a time.

Phase II will be coming in the future. While no plans have been made concrete, there has been a discussion of adding a clubhouse to the leasing office. We have heard from a few residents who are excited about this change and added amenity. We are hoping that by adding a clubhouse we can further show appreciation to our residents by throwing more events for them.

We always appreciate feedback from current residents, so please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming renovations. We also hope this will make our property more inviting and allow us to add more residents to Villa Vinee family.