Updating Your Contact Info?


Did you recently get a new car? Did you need to change your phone number or switch providers who gave you new digits? Was your email too clogged with spam so you got a new one? Although your apartment office may not be the first on your list to give this information, don’t forget about us!

Being able to get ahold of our residents is a requirement of your lease! If your phone number is disconnected or an email comes back “return to sender” during an emergency, we may not be able to give you important information regarding your home in a timely manner. We want to keep the lines of communication open.

We also want to make sure that your emergency contact is up to date- maybe they have changed their address or phone number- that is all information the office needs. We have resident update forms above the rent drop box for your convenience! If you have a change, just fill out the form and drop it in the drop box. You can also call the office at 402.558.5886 or email us at southpark@roberthancockco.comto let us know about these changes! Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.