Tornado stricken areas in United States need help! Be careful where your money goes.

The tragedies in the southern states hast been devasting emotionally to all us. While there’s a natural inclination to help in situations like these, it’s important to keep in mind that just as disasters bring out the best in humanity, they also bring out the worst. Scammers looking to take advantage of good Samaritans’ loose purse strings abound after any disaster and these recent ones are sure to be no different. Scams spread across Facebook and other social networking sites.

Please don’t let those people looking to take advantage of these tragedies stop anyone from donating. If you decide to donate to an earthquake-related charity, its important to take some precautions before you give. As a result of the fraudulent activity that sprang up online after the catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti last year, there’s now a rigorous set of safeguards in place for people to follow when giving to a disaster relief effort.

The easiest way to make sure your donation is going to someplace legitimate is to give to a long-standing international aid organization like the Red Cross. Look to churches and other common relief organizations also take and distribute donations.
Thank you for helping those in need!