Tornado Anniversary for these Omaha Apartments

Today is the 38th anniversary of the famous tornado that hit Omaha in 1975.    The Omaha landscape was certainly changed on that day.   The tornado cut a path that started in Sarpy County and worked it’s way through the heart of Omaha.   At one point it was heading straight for the race track at Ak-Sar-Ben, where nearly 10,000 patrons were enjoying some horse racing action.   Luckily, the tornado turned and went north up 72nd Street, hitting the Nebraska Furniture Mart (narrowly missing Pacific Gardens and Villa Vinee!) and continuing up 72nd into the Benson area, where it finally ended.   Three people perished that day, but that was truly a miracle, as this was one strong tornado.   Omaha’s warning system was certainly working that day, as most everyone took cover and made it out alive.    Make sure that you know the difference between a watch (tornados are a strong possibility in the watch area) and a warning (a tornado has been spotted by a person or by radar and you should take cover).   Always go to the lowest level in your home or apartment building in a warning situation.  Avoid windows and cover yourself with something to keep flying debris away.   Make sure to take Tornado watches and warnings seriously.    If you have questions about where to go in your building, ask your apartment management.