Tips to Keep Warm from Shadow Lake Square Apartments!!

As our temperatures continuing to plummet it is good to take precautions not only when you are outside but inside your apartment as well.

Shadow Lake Square Apartments would like to share these tips to help prevent the pipes in your apartment from freezing during the extreme cold weather the Greater Omaha areas are experiencing.

Tip #1: Open the doors to your kitchen and bathroom base cabinets.  By opening the doors you allow warmer air to circulate into the cabinet area and around the pipes.

Tip #2: Let your faucets drip cold water in extreme cold weather, especially overnight, when temps are at their lowest.  While a small flow of water will not prevent the pipe from freezing it will prevent it from bursting.  A burst pipe can pour out gallons of water and cost thousands of dollars in damage to both the property and your belongings. (Another good reason to invest and keep your in renter’s insurance.)

Tip #3: Close all windows; windows are the biggest heat loss culprit so in order to keep your place cozy take charge and make sure all windows are fully closed and locked.  This is the best way to seal out the cold.

Tip #4: Invest in insulated curtains.  Insulated curtains have been shown to reduce heat loss through windows by up to 25%.  Not only will the curtains keep you warmer, they will also keep out heat in the summer – double bonus.  Plus, you can take them with you when you move to use at your next home.

Tip #5: Don’t block your radiators.  Furniture absorbs heat that would normally get directed into your apartment so keep your radiators clear.

Tip #6: Draft-proof your doors.  If you notice a huge draft at your front or back door contact the apartment office and put in a maintenance request to see if a door sweep can be installed.

Tip #7: If you do experience an issue with your heat during normal business hours (Monday – Friday; 8 – 5) please contact our office immediately at 402-916-4137 .  If the issue occurs after normal business hours please call our emergency service number, 402-393-2210 and follow the voice mail prompts for out on-call staff to help you.