Tips For Making Your Apartment More Cozy!

Brrrr! It sure is getting cold outside! We are dreaming of a warm beach vacation right about now. If that isn’t in the budget here are some tips for being cozy in your apartment and getting through the chilly winter months:

  1. Blankets, blankets and more blankets. Nothing is better than coming home from a long day and snuggling up with your favorite blankets. Display those blankets using a cute basket or blanket ladder.
  2. Use lamps instead of bright overhead lights. Lamps create a nice, soft glow in your apartment and are not as harsh as your overhead lights. Or switch your light bulbs from bright to warm!
  3. Candles help create a relaxing space. Pick your favorite scent and chill out in your amazing smelling apartment. Just remember to blow them out or go wickless!
  4. Create a homey bedroom. Christmas is over, but keep your white lights handy for making a DIY light canopy. It will give your bedroom the coziest vibe in your apartment.
  5. Bring the outdoors inside. Adding some cute, little succulents to your space will liven it up a bit! Most are easy to care for and pretty affordable.

Hang in there, Spring is just 76 short days away!