Tips and Tricks for an Organized Closet!

Many of the apartments at Shadow Lake Square Apartments in Papillion feature large walk-in closets. It’s a slippery slope to see empty space and think, “I need new clothes!” As the plethora of shoes and sweaters begin to grow, it is very easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the mess in your closet. It’s even easier to close the door and just forget about it. Below are some tips and tricks for tackling that mess.

Figure Out the Obstacles

Your first step in tackling this project should be deciding what the biggest obstacle is and how to solve it. Tripping over shoes? Invest in shelving or an over-the-door organizer. Can’t find a specific pair of pants? Categorize your clothing by item type to make your search easier. Overwhelmed by clutter in general? It’s time to dig in.

Start From Scratch

Take everything (yes, everything) out of your closet. Clothes, hangers, shoes, loose paperwork, random items, etc. Whip down shelves and vacuum or sweep/mop the floor. It feels good to start fresh and this give you the opportunity to rearrange any shelving or organizational systems that you might have should you wish to.

Odd Things Out

Remove items that have no business in your closet. Bank statements, insurance information, and tax documents don’t belong with shoes and scarves. Toss what you don’t need and store the remainder (in an organized fashion, of course).

The One Year Rule

As you start to go through the mountain of clothing that you have removed from your closet, really take the time to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. If it is an item that you haven’t worn in the past year, chances are you won’t be wearing it in the near future. Purge and let it go or donate it so someone else can enjoy it.

Organize in Sections

A quick and simple solution to not being able to find a particular item? Organize your clothing in sections. Pants with pants, jeans with jeans, shirts with shirts, etc.

Keep It Going

Once you’ve done the overwhelming purge and clean, be sure to keep up with it so it doesn’t become a problem again. Allot yourself a few minutes every couple of days to make sure things are where they’re supposed to be and your system will continue to run smoothly.