Things to do when bored in your apartment during Quarantine

I know it’s been hard with the need to self-quarantine and flatten the virus curve, The trick is to find something else to do. I have been teaching myself how to bake bread but there are lots of other ideas out there.

  • Make a plan for all the places you want to visit when everything opens back up again, the Durham western heritage museum is always good for a fun time.
  • Binge all the cool new shows if you have not already.
  • Get started on that book you have been meaning to write
  • Or get started on that book you have been meaning to start
  • Catch up on your podcasts
  • Figure out a new hairstyle
  • Talk with some family you have not spoken within a long time
  • Invent a board game with the stuff you have
  • Brush on your math skills, I know I can’t remember my time tables
  • Practice your spelling, I could not survive if not for spell check
  • Phone a friend
  • Do a big puzzle
  • Clean out your closet
  • Teach yourself a dance
  • Get a skincare routine started
  • See how far you can get on the keystone trail in Askarban village
  • Start a new hobby
  • Try yoga
  • Have fun!