The Warm Weather Continues at Highclere Apartments in Council Bluffs

Well, it has been a record breaking year this year with the heat and drought. It was just a short time ago that we were dealing with floods here in Omaha and Council Bluffs. This year we have had record high temperatures in the 90’s and 100’s for several weeks straight with only a short break into the 80’s. The entire Midwest has also been devastated by drought this year. We are all hoping that everyone’s crops get the water that they need and make it through this tough year. But, through all of the difficulty Highclere Apartments has been here for its residents, providing a cool place to relax after the long hot days at work: our Highclere community pool.

I hope all of our residents have been enjoying the pool through this exhausting heat. I would like to announce that the pool will remain open for at least the next couple of weeks, weather permitting. Any changes made to the hours of the pool will be posted on the bulletin boards inside all of the buildings. So, residents, please come take a dip in the pool while its still hot outside and enjoy the cool refreshment of the water.