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New Year, New Homes: Start 2022 at Cedar Heights!

At Cedar Heights, we have been lucky to have many of our residents reside with our for a long time, and to favor their time spent here. We appreciate all of our residents, new and old, but do have to admit that it is sad that we do not often have the opportunity to welcome in new residents to our community… That is why we are excited to let those reading know that we have two apartments available in January! Read on for more information on these amazing homes:


  • #507 – A spacious two bedroom, two bathroom with walkout patio attached to the master bedroom. This 1200 sq. ft. space boosts a fireplace, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove/range, garbage disposal and in-unit washer/dryer. This apartment offers lease options between 3 and 15 months, with pricing between $1141-$1680.
  • 505 – An extravagant one bedroom + loft, one bathroom with balcony attached to the living room. This large 1240 sq. ft. space contains a fireplace, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove/range and garbage disposal. This apartment offers lease options between 3 and 15 months, with pricing between $1074-$1668.

Both options are great, and we would be so happy to have anyone around to take a look or ask questions about the community. If you or someone you know is looking for a new home for 2022, give us a call at (402)393-2210, or email us at cedarheights@roberthancockco.com. We can’t wait to meet you!

Winter 2021 is Almost Here! Prepping for Inclimate Weather

Whether you love winter or not, it is that time again to cover how to best prepare for changes in temperatures, and for situations involving the two words us in the Midwest know all two well…

Snow and Ice.

Read on for general guidance to overcome of the wonderful, yet burdensome time that is winter in Western Nebraska:

  1. Bring out those winter clothes. The thought is that all persons should have the following: a winter cap, gloves that they would be comfortable shoveling snow in, several layers, a few sweatshirts, a couple decent winter coats and some kind of winter boot or footwear that is water-repellent and provides decent traction. You may not need all of it, but when in a pinch, it is better to have too many layers on than too few.
  2. Here at Cedar Heights Apartments, as well as many apartment communities in the area, we have already run diagnostics on your furnace, repaired any that needed fixing, and replaced all old air filters. With that, please monitor your furnace throughout the winter months and report any irregularities as soon as they come up. NEVER run your furnace under 66 degrees when temperatures are below freezing outside, as running it any lower may lead to water pipes freezing and bursting. Finally, please note that you should keep your thermostat set at one temperature to save on energy expenses instead of setting it lower during the day and turning it up at night.
  3. As an additional measure, window wrapping can be used to better insulate your windows or patio doors. Also, if you are a resident at Cedar Heights Apartments, please make sure to close your fireplace flue when not in use and close the fireplace doors to better keep your apartment living space warm.
  4. When walking outside, please stick to paths that have been cleared already and have salt/sand down. Do not take shortcuts through lawns or areas that have not been cleared, as there is no way of knowing if there is ice underneath any snow-covered areas.
  5. On the point of travel, make sure that your car always has over 1/2 of a full tank when temperatures are below freezing. Remember to check the tread of your tires, and keep a few spare blankets in the trunk of your car in case your car breaks down or refuses to start.
  6. Finally, and as a small piece of advice, make sure to reverse the direction of your fan by toggling the switch on the side of it. We don’t believe enough people do this, and it may help in a small way keep your apartment warm over the cooler months.

Looking Ahead! Ways to Finish out the Year Strong!

Even though we are starting to see the colder temperatures that come with November, things are just starting to heat up here at Pacific Gardens. We have several projects that are ongoing or will be underway, including repair/re-striping of the parking lots, work on our roofs and siding, and paint touchups on the hallways of the buildings. Because of all of this, as well as to better assist our residents with a couple of housekeeping items, we wanted to point out a few details that residents can pay attention to finish out the year strong!

  1. Make sure to review any information on the bulletin boards, or posted on the entry doors to your building. The same can be said about checking any emails that we send out, as well as our blog or newsletters. These all provide great information on upcoming dates for work, events, etc., and are a great quick resource. We try to put all of this information out in advance, so reviewing any/all of these is a great way to stay ahead of the game, and allow yourself to prepare for anything that might be happening in the community.
  2. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram! We also share updates on these platforms, but we also do giveaways and other fun things. It is a great way to connect with us, possibly win fun prizes and stay in the loop. You can find our Facebook HERE, and find our Instagram page HERE.
  3. Get registered on Rentcafe! The link to register can be found HERE. If you are already registered, but do not have automatic payments set up, we highly encourage it. There is even the option to set up automatic payments for your utility charges! It is a crazy convenient feature and we hope that you can get some use out of it. Moreover, residents can put in work orders on the portal, as well as make posts that other Pacific Gardens users can respond to! With all of this functionality, why would you not use it?
  4. Specifically for winter, we would like all residents to do a quick spot check of their HVAC/Thermostat, as well as checking the windows and doors of the apartment. Make sure that your furnace is heating to the correct setting displayed on your thermostat, as well as making sure that the thermostat is good on batteries, and that it, too, is working properly. Check your windows and doors for drafts, and let our office know if maintenance needs to come in and look at weather stripping or seals on windows. Heck, these kind of requests can even be submitted on rentcafe!
  5. Be on the lookout for cars that are parked in one place for more than several days at a time. We are typically pretty good about spotting these, but we have had a couple reports of cars with no permits being sat in stalls for more than a day’s time without being moved. Along these lines, please look out for cars that are parking in no parking areas, or are not parking correctly within the lines. If you see a car that is like this, you can always call our office, or call Frontline Security at (402)210-5111 if the offending car is present after our office closes.

That should about cover it! It is our hope that this covers our bases pretty well, and that this gives residents enough information to be prepared for all work we do, as well as for the fun winter weather that we are bound to experience! As always, please contact the office if you have any questions, or need help with completing any of the items on this list!