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15 Reasons Apartment living is the perfect situation

Here are 15 reasons why apartment living is the perfect situation:

  1. Flexibility– There is not a long-term commitment when living in an apartment.  We offer twelve-month leases, but after your first year you have 6-12 month options – which is excellent flexibility.
  2. Make new friends– When you move out on your own or to a new city there are apartment communities that have people of all age groups which make apartment living a great place for meeting people.
  3. Amenities– Apartment communities offer renters amazing amenities to provide continuous activities like swimming pools, fitness center that you don’t get in a house.  You can even save on Gym memberships.
  4. Accessibility– There are a variety of locations to choose from when selecting an apartment, whether your job changes or you want to be closer to certain restaurants and shopping.  Most homes are located in the suburbs, which are usually far away from where people work so you can have a shorter commute.
  5. Roommates– Roommates are great additions to a lease, because they can help lower the cost of living for you.
  6. Easy budgeting- Expenses can be very challenging when living on your own. Making monthly payments with out home repair surprises can be easier to budget for.  It can also be less expensive to heat and cool an apartment.   This means more money for spontaneous fun making memories.
  7. Parking– The majority of apartments reserve a space or two for their tenants.  Having a designated space to park can be a huge time saver for you.
  8. Floor plans– Apartments are easily adaptable with numerous floor plans if you want to upgrade.  Apartments are built for functional convenience.
  9. Your Decor style– You can look for a particular community that fits your personal style instead of the expense of remodeling a home completely.
  10. No Down Payment– Other than the initial deposit, there are no major expenses associated with moving to an apartment.  If you don’t have 20% of the home purchase you could have another monthly Private Mortgage payment to make.
  11. Maintenance free– No yard work, shoveling snow, clogged toilets or Air-conditioning and Heating repairs  to worry about.  There are after hour emergency maintenance  to contact and not only are you free from the expenses you don’t have to do any of the work yourself.
  12.  Simplify and Relax–  There is a lot less to clean when you rent an apartment verses a home.  This will free up more of your time to relax.
  13.  Entertaining guests– Most Communities offer a party room or clubhouse for large gatherings.
  14. No real Estate Taxes–  Nebraska was recently ranked 8th with the highest real estate taxes at 1.80%.   There is another vacation trip each year to take!
  15. Lower insurance costs– The average cost of renter’s insurance is usually $12-to-$20 per month. Meanwhile, the average homeowner’s insurance policy cost ranges between $25-to-$85 per month