Support you Local Newspaper!

In the age of digital media, it is far too common to get your information from aggregates, blogs and electronic sources. It is almost exhausting to look up topics on any given event; hundreds to thousands of publications come up, all varying in degree of input and veracity. Along these lines, it is easy for your local paper to get overlooked. Why go through the trouble of buying print when a quick google search can provide you with sufficient detail?

It really is a shame to see a whole media get overshadowed. The Omaha World Herald is our outlet for global and local news, sports, editorials, and subjects in between. Dedicated staff that cover breaking topics happening now in our community with a long-standing history in the greater Omaha area, they serve to be your connection to the world and area around you. They are people who live near us, and represent the same slice of Omaha that we all do.

Sadly, the moving away from traditional news print is hurting newspapers all around us. Ease of information blocks out the need for such things. Even in our backyard, this threatens livelihoods of those responsible with giving us the in-depth knowledge of events around us. We stand to lose that local flavor in reporting, from those of us who know it best.

Most people shy away from print because everything is electronic now; it is the way of the world. That said, the Omaha World Herald does offer online subscriptions and articles on top of their print publications. If you are environmentally conscious, or just don’t want to lug around more than your phone or computer, this may be a great idea for you. No matter how you partake in your news, it is important to consider that when you go with your local newspaper, you are investing in the people and events around you.  The people who will know all about the stories you want covered aren’t going to always be the people you find online, but the writers and staff near you. It would be a shame to not support something so ingrained in what Omaha was, is and is going to be.