Summer Waitlist Filling Fast for this Omaha Apartment

Are you already looking for a place to live for the upcoming year?    You aren’t moving until June or August perhaps??   Or maybe you haven’t started looking?

What better time to look at your potential home than now.   Come see why everyone is raving about Villa Vinee’.   We have a waitlist program set up for the summer, and for prospects wanting to set up their next home sooner than later.   Waiting until the last minute can provide less than desired results, so claim your place now.  Check out Villa Vinee’ or any of our other great Robert Hancock & Co. properties for a tour, and make your decision early.   Get on a waitlist here and you’ll secure a wonderful new home for 2015 and beyond.   $150 down holds a spot for you on the waitlist.    Why wait?   Call us and make an appointment today!