Summer Spruce Up at Pacific Gardens Apartments!

It’s a hot one out there today!  But that isn’t stopping a summer spruce up at Pacific Gardens!  We’ve got some older trees up in Poppleton Plaza that have unfortunately outgrown our property, so the arborists are hard at work removing them.  Don’t worry, we will be planting some new growth in the area.  Perhaps a beautiful flowering dogwood??  Maybe a gorgeous purple redbud??  You’ll have to stay tuned to see the selection of choice.

Residents, if you live in Poppleton Plaza, please be aware of the blocked off parking stalls.  We will need those spots today and tomorrow, but everything should be completed by the start of the weekend.  You will also probably notice the sprinklers going at full force.  With the extreme heat, extra water is needed to keep the grass green.  If you’re moving in or out this next week, let us know and we will shut off the appropriate sprinkler zone for you.

After this project, there might be some more tree trimming up along Marbee Drive.  Keep updated on all of the maintenance happenings and other events on our PG Facebook page.