Summer Fun at South Park Apartments

Here at South Park Apartments there is no shortage of amenities, on site or in our Omaha area! Our community features a quiet and private fitness center, perfect for your morning cardio or afternoon workout. Our beautiful and spacious courtyard is impeccably kept by our grounds man, Ken. In our courtyard, we have charcoal grills that are perfect for an evening barbeque! Our laundry facilities are spacious and always kept clean; we have reloadable fund cards that allow you to do your laundry with cash or your credit or debit card. We are also opening up our annual car wash station in the next few weeks! Located near the old pump house, we will be setting up a hose so that you can wash your car in a safe place for free. We are also getting recycling on our property, which will also be located near the pump house.

We are located right next to Churchich Park which has gorgeous trails, tennis courts and a playground area, the perfect place to burn energy and calories. Although South Park does not have a pool, Robin Hill pool is located a few blocks away and is accepting memberships! If a membership does not fit your needs, there is also Hitchcock Park Swimming Pool, less than a 7 minute drive.

There is summer fun for everyone at South Park Apartments!