Stress Less this Holiday Season with Online Shopping

Cyber Monday is just around the corner and online shopping will be at an all-time high. The Pacific Gardens staff will send an e-mail or if you have opted in for our new texting option, we will send you a text message informing you that a package has been delivered to the office. Make sure that you are prompt when picking those packages up. Please be sure that you are keeping track of your packages- you do not want one of your perfect presents to get lost in the shuffle!

Here are some tips when online shopping:

Be sure you are shopping from secured websites. The internet is huge! It is easy to get lost in Google searches and wind up on a shady website. To confirm that it is a secured website, there should be a padlock icon on the right side of your internet browser’s URL bar (where the website is typed in).

Use a credit card in lieu of a debit card when possible. It is easier to put a hold on credit card transactions in order to dispute wrongful charges. It also limits the amount of exposure fraudulent websites have to your actual bank account. Some credit card companies even offer single-use credit card numbers for online purchases, and only your credit card company will be able to tell which account it is linked to!

Start your shopping early, get those discounts, and relax in December instead of rushing for last minute gifts!