Staying Cool at the Pool!!

It’s getting hot out there, humidity through the roof, sun beating down on us and we all feel it approaching fast. You know what I’m talking about its Pool Season!

Who doesn’t want to sit out and soak up the sun! We here at four seasons encourage you to get that swim in and get that tan on just in a safe environment for everyone.

We want everyone at our community to have a fun time in our Pool area this season but we must remind everyone there is NO swimming after hours and absolutely NO alcoholic beverages or smoking.

A few tips and regulations to help this pool season run a lot more efficient
– Do not hang on the pool line. This line can come off if hung on too much and can entangle others
– Be sure to shower before getting in the pool. The suntan oil and oils on our skin throw off the ph. balance of the pool and can end up shutting the pool down for an extended time.
– Only 2 guest are allowed per resident to bring to the pool and all children should be accompanied by an adult. This is to make sure it doesn’t get too crowded with unauthorized guest.
– No lifeguard is on duty at our property so be sure to swim safely and stay vigilant towards other people for possible signs of distress
– Be sure to have proper swimming attire. If you have questions on what proper swimwear might entail please call or stop by the office we would be happy to assist

Also be sure to have proper training and gear before diving in the deep area for extended periods

Please enjoy the comforts of our community responsibly

“The water is your friend: you don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.”
– Alexandr Popov
Olympic Medalist