Stay Safe in Winter Weather!

Winter has really kicked off this week, bringing cold temperatures, snow, and ice. The Shadow Lake Square maintenance team has been putting in extra hours trying to make sure the property is clear of snow and ice, but they can’t eliminate all hazards at all times. We want all of our residents and their guests to stay safe this winter!

Here are some reminders for making it through this this snowy winter safely:

Be vigilant!

-Most accidents and injuries occur when people are simply not paying attention. Make sure you are aware of potentially dangerous weather and are dressing appropriately for the conditions. When you are out and about on the property, proceed carefully and slowly. We have buckets of ice melt at each entrance, so residents can use those at their discretion.

Secure a Garage!

-We currently have a few detached garages available for $95/month. Having a garage will prevent you from having to scrape ice and snow from your windshield on frigid days. Our attached garages are a highly coveted commodity ($110/month), so contact the office ASAP if you would like to be added to a waitlist for your building.

Be Kind to Maintenance!

-Please make sure your car is not parked with the front end over the curb, so maintenance can easily clear the sidewalks. If you notice that spots have been cleared of snow in the lot and your car has not moved, please moved your car to a cleared spot, so more spots can be cleared. If you are parked by a sidewalk, please do not brush snow off your car onto the cleared sidewalk.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable winter season! Spring will be here before we know it!