Stay Cool and Green at this Omaha Apartment!

Omaha is a fun, vibrant city in the summertime when plenty of places to go and things to do. When it gets hot, your Omaha Apartment is a great place to be, especially if you are trying to stay green and conserve energy! Come check out what we have available here at Villa Vinee!

– Hit the Pool!
Use the pool here at Villa Vinee and get a fun, easy way to cool down when things heat up. This is a quick, convenient way to enjoy the summer without costing you extra money or energy.

– Turn Off the Lights
No need to use your lights or appliances if not necessary, especially if you are trying to stay green. Let the natural light of summer come through the windows and leave your lights off.

– Hit the Fan
Take advantage of fans, including ceiling fans, bathroom fans and portable fans to circulate air in your apartment. This costs less money than running the air conditioner, uses less energy and helps you be cool and green, no matter how hot it is.

Stay green and be cool in your Omaha apartment this summer!