Spring Reminders at These Council Bluffs Apartments!

Spring has sprung!

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, so we would like to remind everyone of a few things that will keep us all safe and happy during this great new season!

-Gas or charcoal grills are NOT allowed to be used or stored on your balcony. There are two gas grills located on the north side of the clubhouse that are available for you to enjoy. You are also welcome to have an electric grill on your patio (and everyone has an outdoor outlet that would be perfect for that use!).

-Highclere and all of the Robert Hancock & Co. sister properties are smoke free communities. This includes balconies or patios and areas directly surrounding the buildings. Guests are expected to comply with this policy as well. Please contact the office if you have any questions about appropriate smoking areas.

-We love seeing all the seasonal decorations, lights, and flower pots that residents keep on their balconies! Please do not leave trash on your balcony or hang clothing over the railing. For safety reasons, never toss anything over your railing or move furniture in or out over the railing. In order to deter mole activity, bird feeders are not allowed on the Highclere grounds.

Be a Good Neighbor!
-Fantastic weather ahead means that many residents will be spending more time outdoors. Please be considerate of others when you are out and about on the grounds and utilizing your outdoor space. Be mindful of your noise level especially during quiet hours. Use the sidewalks instead of cutting through the grass in order to respect the privacy of residents on the first floor.

Enjoy the season!