Spring Is Coming to South Park Apartments!

The South Park Post

February 23, 2021

Finally, spring is in the air… for now at least. As we continue to move into warmer weather and we’re all able to get out and enjoy the outdoors please keep these balcony tips in mind:

  • Please do not hang bird feeders from your balconies. Unfortunately, that can cause excess bird droppings for your neighbors and the property as well as potentially having nests on around balconies.
  • Patio furniture, plants and flowers are all wonderful and we love to see them. However, please be reminded that your balcony is not an extra storage area or a place for trash or other things. Please do not hang clothes or other laundry from your balcony.
  • Due to Nebraska state regulations, no hibachi, gas fired grills, charcoal grills or Treager Grills (electric grills that use wooden pellets to smoke meat) or similar devices can be used on balconies. Only fully electric grills are allowed on your balconies. There are several grills in the courtyard for you to use and we encourage you to take advantage of them!

This week’s warmer weather is helping to reduce the amount of snow on the property, but is also causing some slick spots! Please know that we are doing all we can to keep the grounds here treated as best we possibly can, but please use caution! We have salt and grit buckets available by the exits and cones marking the areas where we have the most water flow, but with the overnight temperatures dropping below freezing, the runoff from the melting snow is going to take some time to get caught up every day. We thank you for your understanding and watching your step when you’re out, especially in the early morning hours.

Lastly, but certainly not least, make sure you take advantage of our Wait List! The number of people looking for apartments across the Robert Hancock & Co. family of properties is way up in 2021, so don’t gamble on future availability. If you are looking to move later in the spring or summertime, take advantage of the Wait List so you’ve got your future home here at South Park or one of our other beautiful, professionally managed and maintained properties secured!