Spring and Summer Moving: The Waitlist!

All Robert Hancock and Co. properties have a waitlist option that prospects can apply for! This option is great for when you’re looking to move in the future, but the community just doesn’t know what their availability looks like for that time frame yet.

To apply for the waitlist, you need to submit your online application, pay the $75 application fee (per applicant) and the $150 waitlist fee. When you apply, we’ll process your application just like any other application! Once approved, we will have you sign a waitlist agreement form. This agreement allows you to put the specifics of what you’re looking for like floor and floorplan preference, move in time frame, and unit size! You can be on the waitlist for up to six months. Then, it’s time to sit back and wait!

Once we receive notice for an apartment with your specifications, we’ll offer it to you in order of your waitlist position. To secure the apartment, you just need to put down the remainder of the security deposit, as the $150 waitlist fee will be applied toward it! If we end up not getting an apartment for your time frame, you won’t lose out on your waitlist fee, you will receive it back.

Spring and summer interest is filling up fast, so if you have your sights set on a specific property contact them today for instructions on applying for the waitlist!