South Park Apartments And Swimming?

Even though beautiful South Park Apartments in mid-town Omaha does not have a swimming pool, we do however have very reasonable rent prices in exchange for not having one. But just because we don’t have a pool right here on our property that does not mean you and your family can’t swim all summer long. Just a few blocks down the road you will find Hitchcock Park City Pool. It is a conventional pool just like all the City pools used to be back in the day. It is so reasonably priced at $4.00 for adults and $3.00 for seniors and children. You can also buy a family summer pass as well.

It will be opening on June 11th and will stay open until August 11th. It’s located at 5025 S 45th St (map it)
 Hours of Operation:
Saturday-Thursday: 1:00-7:00pm
Friday: 1:00-5:00pm

3ft-16ft depth
5 meter diving platform
3 meter diving board
1 meter diving board
Baby Pool