Snow Removal at these Omaha Apartments

Welcome to winter, everyone. It’s finally here (OK, officially in 15 days, but weather wise..) We got our first dose of snow this weekend, and it will probably get worse at some point this winter. Please be careful when walking on snow and ice covered sidewalks and roadways. We want everyone to be safe. Be on alert for areas that freeze after a thaw. Let us know if we are missing any areas. There will be times when we get heavy snow that our guys may not get out to scoop right away, or they may wait until the snowfall finishes. Please be patient, and don’t be afraid to put out some grit at your front door. Remember, this is for you, the resident, to distribute. Please spread it evenly. The grit won’t melt snow, but will help with traction on ice. Please do not use this bucket of grit to prop doors.

We will make every effort to clear sidewalks and driveways for you in a timely manner and keep them clear. Watch for our trucks that plow the driveways. They will be by at least once on any 1.5 inch snowfall.. again, they may wait until the snow is done, or in a large snow event, they may have to make multiple passes. I encourage everyone to have their own shovel to dig out your car in a major snowstorm, and if you have a garage, you may want to scoop some snow away from your garage door.

If you have questions, call the office. We are here to help. Stay warm and safe this winter season.