Shadow Lake Square Decorating for the Winter Season!!!

Decorating your apartment for the December holidays prior or post-Thanksgiving seems to be a very debatable topic. One side of the spectrum feels passionate that the winter holidays don’t begin until after our autumn day of thanks, while others like myself can’t wait to get the season started. Whether you’re antsy to get the holidays underway, or are determined to wait until December, you’re sure to find the spirit with these decorations found at several of your local department stores…. And we have several of those right next door to our Shadow Lake Square complex.

No longer necessarily used for cracking nuts, but rather to give your space a cheery feel, a signature holiday décor item found around many apartments this time of year are Nutcrackers. These hand-painted nutcracker soldiers will accentuate a more traditional look when decorating your home for the holidays.

Several scents remind us of this time of year, and the aroma of peppermint is certainly one of them. Give your apartment a fun and youthful candy décor space this holiday season with the multitude of candy cane and red-and-white design pieces. Imagine what a great mood you’ll be in every evening feeling as if you’ve entered into a winter candy wonderland.

Dreaming of a white holiday this December? Get some elegant vases, throws, and pillows to make your apartments living room feel as if you’ve escaped to a cabin in the mountains surround by snow.

And the decorating doesn’t just stop in your apartment…. here at Shadow Lake Square we are going to bring in winter the right way!! It is time for our Winter Balcony/Patio and Door Decorating Contest!! The office staff and residents couldn’t be more excited!