Shadow Lake Grilling Plaza is Open!

Shadow Lake Square has been working hard to get our new amenity completed and the work has finally paid off! The brand new grilling plaza is open and ready for resident use. This beautiful space, located between buildings 4 and 5, offers two gas grills, a gas fire pit, picnic tables, a lovely pergola, amazing landscaping, and that gorgeous lake view! Residents are welcome to utilize this space 10am-10pm.

As a courtesy, we do ask that you follow a few rules while utilizing our new items so they stay beautiful and operational for others. We hope you enjoy the new space!

  • Only use grill appropriate utensils, cookware, & food.
  • Turn off grill when done.
  • Clean and cover the grill after each use.
  • Pick up after yourself and guests.
  • Do not put trash, food, etc. into fire pit.
  • Most importantly, please be courteous of neighbors in nearby buildings.