Severe Weather Preparedness and Other South Park News

Tuesday April 13, 2021

The South Park Post

Severe Weather Preparedness

As many of you have no doubt heard the past few weeks with the warning siren tests, we are officially getting back into spring. The good news is that means that the flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up and we can get some much needed outdoors time. The down side is that we are getting into severe weather season and we felt it would be a good time to pass along a few reminders.

The South Park areas for storm shelter are in the tunnel hallways. We strongly recommend that each of you develops a severe weather preparedness plan so that when severe weather strikes, you won’t be caught off guard.  For more information, including the difference between a watch and a warning, different types of severe thunderstorms, etc., please view the National Weather Service website here

Newsletters were sent out last week. Please note that the insert has some very important information in it regarding some community policy information, so please take a look at the newsletter!

Finally, availability as we head into the summer is extremely limited at South Park and across the Robert Hancock & Co. properties. If you are planning to move over the summer or as we head into the new school year in the fall, please remember to take advantage of our wait list so you have your new home reserved and ready! Enjoy your summer without the added stress of trying to find your next apartment home!