Self Care in the New Year

Who is welcoming 2021 with open arms? We are right there with you!

After a long year of restrictions and canceled plans, there is no doubt that self care has fallen to the wayside for some of us. While some of you are at home every day, whether or not it’s by choice, it’s important to remember to treat yourself (and others) with kindness. It’s easy to get stuck in a mindset and lose the ability to come up with new ideas or ways to keep things interesting! Here are a few ideas to get you started taking care of yourself in the New Year.

Be present in the moment. 

Stay off of social media for even just one full day. This may not be an issue for everyone, but it is for some! Leaving the weight of what’s going on in everyone else’s lives behind for a day and focusing on you (or family) is good for the mind.

Try something new. 

Order takeout or try a new meal that you wouldn’t normally try. It’s so easy to get stuck in the same routine of the same 5 meals a week, or same 3 restaurants! It’s easy and familiar, totally understandable! Here at Villa Vineé, we are lucky to be located so closely to many wonderful locally owned eateries like Mahalo Poke Co., Lighthouse Pizza, Salween Thai, and Foodies.

Reconnect with old friends.

Life happens. Sometimes we lose touch with people we used to visit with regularly. Reach out! You might just make their day. There is something to be said about bringing a smile to someone else’s face in addition to your own!

Get rid of clutter.

You know that chair in the corner that you just knew you would use all the time but it’s now a coat rack? Yeah, that thing. We all have one! Free up that space and feel the weight off your shoulders. Go through your old clothes and donate what you haven’t worn in a year, or that shirt that you liked in the store but have yet to wear.  Just think of it as less clothing to fold or hang up! Don’t have the time or the right vehicle to get rid of furniture? Call Restore to schedule a time for them to come pick it up for you. For the smaller items and electronics, Goodwill has a location right off of 84th and West Center Street.

Lastly, get an extra hour of sleep.

Settle into bed early and catch some extra Zzz’s! More sleep=more health benefits and makes it not quite as painful when that alarm clock goes off in the morning.

From all of us at Villa Vineé, Happy New Year!