Robert Hancock & Co. Properties are now Smoke Free!

As of May 1st, 2015, all of the Robert Hancock & Co. properties are now smoke free inside all buildings, and on all decks, balconies, and patios.

This should not only clean up the properties, it should help the air quality, and the risk of a fire is greatly reduced.   This is a huge win-win for the properties and our residents.    We are still providing outdoor smoking for all residents and guests.    Each property will have designated smoking areas for those people who wish to smoke.  

I’ve been encouraged at Villa Vinee’, in particular, that a number of my “smoking” residents are staying put, and are going to try and quit smoking, as well.    We are very proud of those folks, and wish them well in their attempt to stop.  We know you can do it.

Please note that smoking is not a protected class in housing, and Robert Hancock & Co. still acts in accordance with all Federal Fair Housing Laws, and we do not discriminate.