RHC Managers to be Accredited by the Institute of Real Estate Management

Robert Hancock & Co. has provided its managers with an awesome opportunity to become Accredited Residential Managers (ARM) as certified by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).  In order to receive this accreditation, the prospective candidates must attend a week long class, pass a test, apply, submit letters of recommendation and conduct an interview with IREM officers.  

Last year, the manager of Four Seasons, Peony Village, Parkwood Manor and Pacific Gardens were able to gain their accreditation.  This year, managers of Highclere, Southpark and Villa Vinee were afforded the opportunity as well, and are currently in the process of completing their applications.

Induction into IREM allows participants to enjoy an extended network of industry professionals and the ability to become active in the real estate community.  Continued education is an essential part in any profession and all of us managers here at RHC are grateful for the opportunity to increase our knowledge.

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