Reminders about your Air Conditioner at this Omaha Apartment

Here are a couple helpful tips about running your air conditioner in this crazy heat.

First..  it is definitely better to keep your AC in the AUTO position…  and adjust your temperature when you come and go.   Push it up to 75-78 when you leave.   If you shut it off, it makes the AC work much harder when you get home.   This will also make it seem like it isn’t cooling as well.   This causes our technicians the most issues, and it costs you more on your electric bill.

Second..  when it gets down to 65 and below outdoors, it is BEST to shut OFF your AC for a while.   Otherwise, it will freeze up, and it will cause you to have no AC for a while.   This happens A LOT.

Following a couple simple rules can keep you in the cool this summer!