Preparing Your Apartment for Winter

It’s September and before you know it winter will be here. While many of us aren’t a fan of the snowy weather, it’s never too early to start thinking about winter preparations. Luckily, we have a few tips that could help make the winter season a little easier for our Villa community:

  • Store or cover your patio/balcony furniture – This will help keep your furniture from warping or cracking. This could also help you save a few dollars come spring time when you are ready to be outdoors again. Don’t have the space for more furniture in your apartment? Ask the Villa team about a locker or garage for extra space.
  • Check your windows for cracks along the frame and wall – Let the office know of any issues you may find and we will get our maintenance team in there to fill anything in. Also check your balcony door to make sure everything is sealed there as well.
  • Put up thermal or layer your curtains – Having  curtain can help keep the heat in the apartment. Just make sure that the back of the curtains are white or leave the window blinds up and install curtains above. Let us know if you need assistance in finding studs to secure curtains rod.
  • Rearrange furniture – Moving furniture away from exterior walls can help you feel warmer. You can move bookshelves to these walls to trap in the heat.
  • Draft guards – These can help seal underneath doors to keep heat from escaping. You can either buy them or, for our crafty residents out there, you make them yourself.
  • Boot tray – Boot trays can dramatically reduce snow, salt, grit, or mud being tracked throughout your home. They are also super easy to clean, especially when compared to having to clean the floors. Boot trays can be used any season or can just as easily be stored for the snowy season.
  • Blankets – While we all know that blankets can help keep us warm, did you know they can also get us sick? To avoid the cold/flu season, make sure to wash blankets and quilts thoroughly before using after taking them out of storage.
  • Humidifiers – As us Nebraskans know, the heat loves humidity. Having a humidifier in your home can help maintain the heat, keep away the sniffles, and reduce dry skin.
  • Keep your oven open after use – This tip is for our bakers out there! Keeping your oven open for a little while once you have turned it off, can help keep your apartment at a cozy temp and keep your heater from having to work so hard.

We hope that some of these tips will be useful to you and keep the winter season as enjoyable as possible. For those wanting to make Villa Vinee their home before the snow starts to fall, we have a few floor plans that we know you will love. Reach out to us to get details on move in specials we will be running in the coming weeks!