Preparing Your Apartment for Severe Weather!

Is your apartment station ready for severe weather? Although May is National Preparedness Month, you should always be prepared. Are you ready to take care of yourself, your family, and your pets if a disaster strikes?

Many people who live in apartments have the added responsibility of being responsible for their neighbors’ well-being as well as their own. So, it’s especially important to prepare for natural or man-made disasters that could occur at any time. And although tornadoes are not common where buildings are typically located, they can happen anywhere. Here are some tips to help you become better prepared.

Prepare Your Windows

Make sure all windows have protective devices such as bars or hurricane shutters on them. Experts recommend putting these on all ground floor windows to protect against high winds or debris.

Create an Emergency Exit Plan

Know where you can find information about what to do in the case of a tornado, flood, fire, or other disaster. This includes having an emergency exit plan so everyone will know when and how to leave the building in case of an emergency. If you have children, be sure that they know how to escape on their own if necessary.

Store Emergency Supplies

Store supplies such as food, water, first aid kit and medications in a place that is easy to get to but also easy for anyone in your family to put away after use. You should keep enough supplies on hand for at least three days but ideally one week. It’s important not only to have these items available during emergencies, but also to practice using them so you’ll be prepared if a disaster does occur.

Plan for Your Pets

Draft a plan for your pets in case of an emergency. This includes having a safe place for them to stay as well as food and water supplies.

Review Your Insurance Coverages

Make sure you have insurance for your apartment and its contents. In the event of a disaster, this will help you rebuild and replace what was lost.

Prepare to Stay Informed on Weather Conditions

Keep updated on any severe weather warnings in your area. Many communities now send out alerts via text message, email, or social media to let residents know when there is a risk of severe weather. Purchasing a ham radio could give you access to emergency information if you lost power.

Consider Investing in a Portable Generator

Not having access to power during the cold (or hot) months could put you and your household at serious risk. Purchasing a portable generator can help keep you cool or warm if you lose power. Generators can also be used to help you prepare food or to power electronics.

By following these apartment preparation tips, you can help ensure that you and your loved ones are better prepared for any type of emergency that might occur.

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