Preparing For Winter Weather at Pacific Gardens

Whether we like it or not, winter weather is on the horizon here at Pacific Gardens Apartments. Maintenance is putting gas in the snowblowers and filling the tires on the ice melt spreaders. We are ready to keep our residents safe this winter!

The current forecast is showing light snow on Thursday evening, so even though we are crossing our fingers for it to pass us by, we want to remind our residents of a few safety tips for the winter season.

Some reminders for having a safe winter:

-Each entrance (front and back) has a bucket of ice melt/traction grit. You are welcome to use this for any slick spots you may encounter on the sidewalks/stoops. Please do not remove this bucket from the premises and even though our grounds team will be checking these throughout the winter, please let us know if you encounter an empty/missing bucket.

-Make sure your car is not parked with the front end over the sidewalk. We want to make sure our snow removal team can do a thorough clean up of the sidewalks.

-Never leave your car running and unattended. We know it is tempting during super cold mornings to leave your car running to warm up, but this is an easy target for thieves. We often refer to resources from the Omaha Police Department for safety tips, so check out the following for auto theft prevention and holiday safety:

So, bundle up and grab your hot cocoa, it’s going to be a long winter!