Pool Safety Rules

We’re in the middle of summer, and many people are utilizing the swimming pools that their apartment complexes provide. Pools can be a great way to relax and keep cool in the summertime, but it is important to keep in mind pool and water safety.

It is very important that you wear sunscreen when you are using an outdoor pool. Sun rays can be very harmful to the skin and cause permanent damage. You should wear a minimum of SPF 15 while you’re swimming, and reapply it every 40 to 80 minutes- even if the sunscreen says it is “waterproof”. Although sunscreen can’t eliminate sun exposure, it certainly helps!

You should never leave a child unattended in a swimming pool. There should always be one adult in the pool area that can supervise if children are swimming. Drowning is a very big risk among children, and having someone to watch over them reduces that risk. It is also important that children learn about water safety and how to swim if they are going to be in or around a swimming pool.

Make sure that all pool gates are secured. At Highclere, we have a lockable gate that can only be opened by our residents and staff. It is important to make sure the pool gate is latched properly after you leave. If the gate is left unlatched, there is a possibility that an unsupervised child could get inside the pool and drown. You’re also ensuring that non-residents are unable to access the pool. If you notice a pool gate not working correctly, please contact your property manager immediately!

Never bring glass bottles into the swimming pool area. This tip is simple, but important! Many people go barefoot or only wear sandals on the pool deck, and broken glass can cause severe injury! If you are wanting to bring a drink into the pool area, use a plastic bottle.