Planting – Apartment Style!

House plants not only add a bit of natural color to your home, but studies also show that house plants reduce stress levels while increasing productivity. Many people would love to have plants in their homes but worry that apartment-living isn’t conducive for thriving plants. However, there are plenty of plants for those in apartments, and those who don’t have a green thumb.

  1. Succulents: Succulents have been one of the most popular plants in recent years, possibly due to their interesting shapes, and ease of care. Succulents are regarded as indestructible and would be a perfect addition to any apartment! Simply put them near a window and water once a month or every other month!


  1. Philodendron: This is a real “set it and forget it” kind of plant. Philodendrons thrive in almost any light and like to have time to dry out between waterings. These plants are good to have in your apartment year-round, because they do not like being outside in the cold!


  1. Bamboo: Bamboo is a good addition to any coffee table, or kitchen counter! They do well in low light/shade. It doesn’t hurt that bamboo is considered very lucky!


  1. Snake plants: Snake plants are very forgiving plants. They maintain their shape and color, even if you have accidentally skipped a few waterings. Additionally, these plants are able to purify the air in your apartment by drawing out toxins, all while living in low light!


  1. Plea Peperomioides: Often called “UFO plant” or “Pancake plant”, these plants are small enough for any apartment, and thrive in bright but indirect light, like a coffee or kitchen table. These plants limbs will even bend to alert you that it is thirsty!