Peaceful enjoyment while living with a roommate

Choosing and living with a roommate can definitely be a lot of fun and have its pros. However, we can all admit, some cons can definitely arise as well. While searching for or prepping to live with a roommate, here are some recommendations and key communication points to discuss with one another.

  • Communicate about HOW you each do things – Create a Roommate Agreement if necessary
  • Be mindful of one another’s schedules – While you may love to sleep in, they may be an early riser. Are either of you night owls and love to watch TV or jam out to a little bit of music at night? Do you work opposite schedules? Are either of you students attending class or needing a quiet place to study from time to time?
  • Taking responsibility and setting boundaries – Discuss expectations as far as safety standards (locking doors or giving out your door code etc.), managing and paying bills. Maybe take it a little further and discuss which household items and toiletries you will share vs. which will be personal and if you will split the cost of the shared items.
  • Communication is big, but compromising is also key – Take into consideration your roommate’s social life. Perhaps you two have different life styles. While one of you may be an extrovert the other may be timid or simply appreciate a quieter environment. Providing each other the courtesy of a heads up of company coming over or simply respecting each other’s lifestyle and privacy makes all the difference.
  • Setting expectations – Keep in mind everyone has different perceptions as to what may be clean or not. Discuss each other’s expectations, habits, etc. If you wish, you may even consider a designated chore list to help keep things in order.

Open communication and respect will definitely allow each of you to enjoy a safe and peaceful home. If something arises, nip it in the bud and work through it with one another. This is definitely a journey you can enjoy and a time to make lots of fun memories.