Paying your Rent through Automatic Withdrawal…the Best Way to Go!

Do you ever get tired of writing checks or running to the leasing office each month to pay your rent?  Have you ever forgotten a payment and received a late fee?  This day in age, you can skip the time, effort, and hassle by paying your rent through Automatic Withdrawal. 

Robert Hancock & Company offers this service to many of their Omaha and Council Bluffs apartment complexes through an electronic financial network called the Automated Clearing House (ACH).  Once a resident signs up for the service, their rent is automatically deducted from their checking or savings account around the 3rd of each month.  And you can always take advantage of your bank’s online banking program! No worries, no hassle, just peace of mind knowing that the rent is being paid each month.

 To see if this service is available to you, check with your local apartment complex.