Organizational Tips for Efficient Apartment Living

Feeling cramped in your apartment? If so, it’s possibly the result of inefficient and disorganized living. By investing a little time – and very little money – you can take advantage of the many ways to remedy the situation. Read on for six of the best organizational tips for efficient apartment living I found on


To begin organizing your apartment, start by decluttering! Take the time to eliminate anything you don’t want, need, or use. From appliances to clothes, note how often and for what purpose you use each item. If you’re having issues getting rid of some items, ask yourself, “What purpose does this item serve for me?” If the item doesn’t serve you any purpose, then it’s time to get rid of it. Once you’re done decluttering, donate anything you haven’t used or worn in the last year. Clearing up space and discarding all your unused or forgotten items will instantly freshen up your apartment and leave you feeling accomplished.


Next start organizing your cabinets and drawers throughout your apartment. Keeping a clean apartment can impact your mental, emotional, and physical health. However, sometimes the things that contribute to clutter the most are the items we don’t see. To organize your apartment for efficient living, declutter your cabinets and drawers. Do you have a cabinet filled with 10-plus different brands of similar household cleaners? Are your drawers stuffed with miscellaneous odds and ends? If yes, work your way through your inventory and determine which products you should keep or throw away. Invest in bins or drawer dividers to separate the tiny spaces into designated areas for specific items. Then, enjoy your newfound cabinet and drawer space to store other essential items.


Staying productive at work requires a clean office space, and that’s true for your home office, as well. Whether you use your home office daily, occasionally, or just when you need to pay bills, you want to keep your space organized and efficient so you can get work done. To organize your workspace:

Start by investing in storage solutions for paper files, pens, highlighters, and other office materials.

Then, personalize your space by adding small plants, hanging artwork or photos on the wall, or incorporating other decorations.

Finally, consider setting up a coffee maker nearby when you need a quick pick-me-up.


Tight on closet space? Organize your wardrobe by sorting which clothes you want to keep and which clothes you want to give away. If you haven’t worn something in a long time and it’s just sitting in the back of your closet taking up valuable space, then it’s time to donate it. After sorting your items, search for space-saving solutions—such as over-the-door shoe storage or bins for closet shelves—and employ them in your space.

Likewise, if you need to use your closet for multiple purposes—such as a vanity or office space—move your clothes to under-the-bed storage to make room for a small desk or dresser. Elevating your closet into a multi-purpose feature will give the area a unique edge while also serving a purpose for you and your everyday needs.


One of the best ways to organize your cluttered space is to hide functional items in inconspicuous places. If your shoe collection is tumbling out of your closet, consider investing in under-bed storage. This way, you can keep your belongings in a secure, convenient place without compromising on space. Likewise, if you’re tight on space in your living room, purchase a two-in-one ottoman that doubles as a coffee table and extra storage space. This storage ottoman can store extra sheets and blankets that you can easily pull out when a guest visits. There is a myriad of furniture that offers dual purposes—from side tables that double as desks to ottomans that convert into extra seating. To organize your apartment like a pro, take advantage of the hidden storage solutions available to you.


Organizing your home is essential to refresh your mind, body, and space. However, sometimes organizing means more than sorting the items in your home. To gain a new perspective on your place, let nature in. Open the windows for fresh air, incorporate plants into your décor, and add mirrors around your space to help brighten your interiors.

And if you still want a new space after following these tips, trust to find the best solution. Filter apartments by bedrooms available, size, and amenities with the click of a button. Browse pictures to look for built-in storage solutions, and when you’re ready to make your move, apply for the apartment in one simple